Your Opinion On The Issue

We don’t like it when we can’t figure out where somebody stands on an issue so just be clear so this is better teachers should use computers to accommodate students with different learning styles again we have a much better idea of that writers position there now the organizational scheme part of you can be very explicit academic essays it’s okay to be a little bit more descriptive of the organization so you could say something like this paper is divided into three sections the first section costs discusses blah blah blah this second Papa you know and so on or in this essay I compare in contrast three kinds of new mediums films websites and video games first okay. Find out more about expressing your opinion in text on Robotdon.

If you don’t want to be that that concrete about it you can just kind of suggest the organizational scheme by the way you lay out the thesis statement it’s another reason why thesis statements are so important so it consider this students who wish to develop their writing skills must read often study general principles and concepts and reflect on their writing now it’s very obvious from reading that what the first paragraph is going to be about reading often then the author will talk about these principles and concepts and then they’ll finally talk about the reflection so just the way you lay out that thesis statement sets you up for a really nice organization there is a part of a speech from Douglas MacArthur duty honor country these three hallowed words reverently dictate what soldiers ought to be what they can be and what they will be so again we have these nice little tripartite schemes that he’s setting up there so that the speech will have a nice organization now scope this is what you will cover and what you won’t as easy just to get some examples of this so this paper is only concerned with Walt Whitman’s first edition of Leaves of Grass so if you know about Whitman’s book you know he went through.

I don’t know how many dozens if not hundreds of editions of this and the poem changed a lot so if you’re writing an essay about leaves of grass it really you want to make sure that the reader knows which version or which Edition that you’re using the second example although there are many ways to transmit HIV I will only discuss transmission via shared syringes so this kind of statement is important because if you don’t put it in then the reader might keep thinking well we know when she gonna talk about the sex you know sexual transmission just a reader I mean as this author not realize you can get a HIV that way so you put a statement in there like this to let the reader know yes I’m aware of all these other things I could be talking about but I am only going to be talking about this one aspect.

Jargon In Essay Writing

A very technical kind of writing it is not trying to impress you with a lot of things with the plenty of jargon it is all very technical kind of vocabulary and basic minimal use of linking words but effectively used in the high school dropout a second paragraph or in there in that particular essay you have a wide range of linking words and signal words but that’s the demand of that kind of a passage here persistent use or continuous use of and an R and N and R and also okay should be enough they nothing that a writer can actually do to do this kind of or to write this kind of description but in that one in the previous passage a writer can so that’s the difference however you as writers I would strongly suggest that expand your vocabulary and try to use a variety of markers and signals and linking words in your writing.

Now here is an exercise for you extract is quite analytical please look at the slide this is your exercise fill in the blanks with linking words thinking about society using surveillance as a concept enables us to mount an ethical social and special critique of the information processing practices – a part of the way society is formed governed and managed here you have to fill in a reference word it enables us to question and evidence its impact on the social fabric on discrimination trust accountability transparency access to services mobility freedoms community and social justice – it enables us to engage in debates with regulators businesses and journalists about the consequences of their surveillance based activities – instead of thinking about surveillance as a single all-knowing oppressive force as George Orwell depicts in the novel 1984 we prefer to think of it as something which is woven into everyday life and that is more complex and multi-layered the Kobalt high-tech world of the spy of the all-seeing evil despots are – tiny aspects of the surveillance society begin – by thinking about the many different activities in which we engage during the course of a single day at different times we interact with surveillance as part of these activities.

Workers performance information is collected by the organizations for which we work managers use that information to let us know how we are performing in our jobs and how we can improve in future I would like you to discuss this exercise and do this exercise in pairs or in groups small groups of course and choose a variety of signal words perhaps you can think of more words then that the S actually uses okay so here’s the answer answer list the first was which moreover so but for example as the full text is given on this particular link but I would still want you to approach the SI all over again a passage sorry all over again and see if you can come up with a different set of answers the answer that I have shown are taken from the text itself but if you think that you can come up with a different list different answers please give it a try and see if you’re writing reads better.