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2 days late, 2 dollars short

Geez, I try to do these every Friday. Last Friday’s answers have been posted. So here’s a Sunday edition of the Friday Guess 10. If you know the artist and song, stick ‘em in the comments!

  1. “Algo siempre te entristese cuando todo va bién.”“Latin Simone (Que Pasa Contigo),” by Gorillaz
  2. “Now that it’s all over, all I can do is wish you well.”“The Thrill is Gone,” by Jerry Garcia and David Grusman (Darnell Hawkins cover)
  3. “Kaleidoscope, the taste of soap, a billy goat, a coat.”“Words are Like,” by They Might Be Giants
  4. “We were friends at first sight in the 7-11 light.”“Blue Sunday,” by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
  5. “I went to work and the office girls were all burning their poetry.”“Hoochie Woman,” by Tori Amos
  6. “I didn’t have to be given the gift to rip.”“The Craft,” by Blackalicious
  7. “Did you steal it? Can you feel it? Cause I’m starting to feel it now.”“Don’t Break Me Down,” by The Donnas
  8. “You know I caught her messin’ round, messin’ round town.”“Hey, Joe,” by Jimi Hendrix
  9. “Calvin Klein’s no friend of mine, so I don’t like Marky or the monarchy.”“On Point,” by House of Pain
  1. “Closer,” by Nine Inch Nails [guessed by Thud]“You can have the hate that it brings.”

Sunday, September 30th, 2007

That’s not an offensive question. You want an offensive question?

ABC News’ blog reports – and it comes as a shock to absolutely no-one – that Bush’s speeches include words spelled phonetically.

The comments include a lot of people saying “So what?” and, really, I don’t worry too much about it. Of the Bush administration’s systemic incompetency, Bush’s mispronunciations are probably the smallest symptom. I worry more about this part of the article.

[White House Press Secretary] Perino said it was “not unusual” to include phonetic spellings for various countries in the speech though when asked if the president had a hard time pronouncing some of those country names Perino declined comment saying, “I think that’s an offensive question.”

The man had five different pronunciations of the name “Abu Ghraib” in the same sentence. I think the question of whether or not Bush has a hard time pronouncing some names is not offensive, it’s blindingly obvious. The idea that such a stunningly apparent inquiry would be deemed “offensive” is, to me, far more telling than whether or not Bush can pronounce “Kyrgyzstan.”

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

These go to eleven.

The last ten have their answers posted now. Only one of them got guessed last time, so there’s nine answers for you to check out.

And now here’s the next ten! You know the song? Drop the title and the artist into the comments.

  1. “You’re not the kind of girl to tell your mother the kind of company you keep.”“Cuddly Toy,” by Harry Nillsson
  2. “Young Lust,” by Pink Floyd [guessed by Thud]“Where are all the good times? Who’s gonna show this stranger around?”
  3. “Jump ‘em in like jump rope, double dutch, then turn on the mic with a thumb stroke, subtle touch.”“Benzie Box,” by Dangerdoom
  4. “There’s naught but care on every hand, and every hour that passes, oh—” (name either the poet or one artist who sings it)“Green Grow the Rushes” – Dougie MacLean (Robert Burns)
  5. “Janine,” by Soul Coughing [guessed by Thud]“If you were the Baltic Sea, and I were a cup, uh-huh.”
  6. “If I Were a Carpenter,” by Johnny Cash [guessed by Carl]“If I were a miller at a mill wheel grinding…” (again, name one artist)
  7. “Resolve is a concept that’s as dead as the leaves.”“No Other Way,” by Jack Johnson
  8. “Under African Skies,” by Paul Simon [Guessed by Thud]“This is the story of how we begin to remember.”
  9. “A sad blue-eyed drummer rehearses outside.”“Into White,” by Cat Stevens
  1. “But if I seem to act unkind, it’s only me – it’s not my mind that is confusing things.”“I Want to Tell You,” by The Beatles

Friday, September 21st, 2007

You call that a sense of humor?

Daily Kos points out that Ann Coulter is not only not funny, she’s also not accurate – even on the most basic level of her writing.

Coulter sweepingly asserts that trial attorneys are heartless and greedy “charlatans” who prey on doctors and that Democratic presidential candidate and noted trial attorney John Edwards in particular is a “parasite” because he has championed patients’ rights and has sued to hold doctors accountable for malpractice. Coulter contrasts her claims with the fact that doctors show they care about improving society by working for organizations such as Doctors Without Borders.

Coulter asks, “Has anyone else noticed the nonexistence of a charitable organization known as ‘Lawyers Without Borders’?”

So Coulter asserts. However, in fact, there IS a U.S.-based charitable organization called exactly that. Yet Coulter did not bother to check her facts.

Heck, I’m not a lawyer, doctor, or doctor of journalism, and even I knew there was really a Lawyers Without Borders. You don’t even need to Google it. Just type in “LawyersWithoutBorders” and add in ”.org.” What? Was that too obvious?

See, the problem here is that we’re all living in a Reality-Based Community. Ann “The Last Pure Human” Coulter, however, lives in a Shrieking-Harpy-Based Community. In this context, she is free to make any assertion that she wants to without having to bother to stop and check her facts. She thinks this makes her witty. And this would be why Fox News failed at creating competition for “The Daily Show.”

Friday, September 21st, 2007

On a scale of one to ten…

I know, I know, the Friday 10 is supposed to be weekly and I haven’t been so good at it. But here it is again. Link will be posted soon for the answers to the last one. Until then, you know the rules – if you know the artist and song, drop it in the comments!

UPDATE – Answers to the last 10 are now posted.

  1. “Oh, baby, the river’s red – oh, baby, in my head….”“Four Sticks,” by Led Zeppelin
  2. “Lots of 40 ounce session couch surfin’, hotel residency.”“Moonshine,” by Gift of Gab
  3. “I can say ‘peace’ and the gunshots won’t cease, every cop killin’ goes ignored.”“Endangered Species,” by Ice Cube
  4. “Six Blade Knife,” by Dire Straits [guessed by Thud]“One blade for breaking my heart, one blade for tearing me apart.”
  5. “Shoe gazers in blazers introduce you to razors.”“Have You No Pride,” by The Donnas
  6. “It all looks the same when you stump for the man.”“Bought for a Song,” by Fountains of Wayne
  7. “Looking at the tracks of the careless windbeam, or moving to the clacks of the tireless freight train…”“The Moonbeam Song,” by Harry Nilsson
  8. “Your old standby, your right hand guy is nothing new.”“New Favorite,” by Alison Krauss
  9. “Looks like my crazy family is down one crazy daughter.”“Educated Guess,” by Ani DiFranco
  1. “A woman here, a woman there try to keep me in a plastic cage.”“Stone Free,” by Jimi Hendrix

Friday, September 14th, 2007

Dining in Style

A south Florida caterer recently engaged in a little thought experiment – how expensive could a day’s worth of food get?

Of course I would need something to wash [breakfast] down. I’m a big coffee lover so I’ll splurge and go for the best. A cup of Kopi Luwak, a unique coffee from Indonesia. This is no ordinary cup o’ joe. Kopi Luwak is made from coffee beans passed through the digestive system of the Palm Civet, a strange, tree dwelling, cat like creature. Luckily, even the most expensive coffee is still pretty cheap. Kopi Luwak costs $75 for a quarter pound (not too far off Starbucks) So I’ll take my coffee and some beans for the road. Nothing beats a good deal on partially digested coffee beans.

Total Spent on Breakfast: $1,075

Ordinarily, I would decry the fact that the last item alone (a diamond-encrusted fruitcake) accounts for the vast majority of the money spent, but it is the most expensive day’s worth of meals, and not just the most expensive keeping-everything-in-line-with-everything-else.

Thursday, September 13th, 2007