100 - 600 for a Pole?

I’m getting set to shoot a new short film soon, and as I gather things together I keep running into a simple truth.

Film equipment – even entry level film equipment – is expensive. Incredibly expensive.

And a lot of its function can be done by much cheaper objects.

Much cheaper.

Case in point: Indy Mogul tells you how you can make your own cheap boom pole for your microphone.

Amazing. Just… amazing.

I am also disturbed that my recent investment in an el-cheapo $180 camera has now resulted in my being able to shoot better video than with my old equipment.

Finally, one thing to bear in mind is your soundtrack. Obviously, you want to keep it legal. But there’s something to be learned from Quentin Tarantino on this – go for the songs that nobody’s heard in any context for the past decade or more. After all – “Stuck in the Middle With You” might have been a hit for Steeler’s Wheel, but at the time Tarantino synced it to a violent, twisted moment of Reservoir Dogs, it was getting minimal play even on oldies stations. There are plenty of even newer songs just waiting for that treatment.

For example – just imagine this the next time you try to imagine the song that will be playing when your badass gangsters walk away from an exploding car.